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Hi, I’m Uri Samet
Digital Marketing Expert.

I’m the CEO and founder of Buzz Dealer, a leading, global digital marketing firm, and I specialize in digital PR, online reputation management (ORM) and organic traffic optimization. Other than that, I'm a father who tries his best, an international skipper, a skilled writer and an amateur chef (but that is subjective).


What I Do

Problem Solving

If you have a problem that has to do with the online world, chances are that I will have a creative solution for you.

Marketing Strategy

Mentoring digital startup entrepreneurs, optimizing marketing plans and serving on several advisory boards.

Digital PR

Getting the right message crafted according to the right specifications and published on the right platform, to get the most attention.


Optimizing your website, mobile app, service or product so that it can be easily found online by your potential customers.

Performance Marketing

Planning, executing and monitoring results-oriented, cross-platform marketing campaigns.

Online Reputation Management

Getting the right information about you or your brand presented accurately online.

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Uri Samet

Buzz Dealer’s CEO & Founder

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